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Daily Devotion
Promises From God

KJB Daily Devotion – Following Jesus Through Every Chapter Date: Saturday, February 13, 2016 Chapters: Numbers 13-15 Message: Numbers: Forfeiting Promises From God Hello My Friend, I remember back in the third grade, this was when it was okay for the teacher to discipline students with paddles. The teacher had a wooden ruler, if anyone acted up the entire class would have to stand in line with our hands out, she would swat everyone on the knuckles with the ruler, and it hurt. Needless to say, no one acted up when we realized she meant what she said. How many times in our lifetime do we get punished for something we did not do? Think about it, we were not in the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sinned, yet we are still subject to the same punishment, death. Does this seem fair? No, but think about this, what did you learn from suffering the punishment along with the offender? While some people will never learn, the majority of us learn that there is a punishment for sin, and we... (more)

Get Started
"The secret of getting ahead is getting started" Mark Twain Daily Challenge: Take action on an idea that you have been brainstorming. Obligate yourself to this by finding ways that will hold you accountable. If you want to be motivated to get in shape, than you could sign up for a gym or personal trainer.

waiting for the perfect moment
Lenten Devotion And (the chief priests and officers) were glad, and agreed to give (Judas) money. So he consented and sought an opportunity to betray Him to them in the absence of a crowd (Luke 22:5-6). Read Mark 14:1-11. The priests were glad to have the possibility of eliminating Jesus before the Passover-before He could start a revolt against Rome. Who better than an insider to spy on Jesus and find the perfect opportunity to spring their trap? They agreed to the price of thirty pieces of silver and considered it a bargain. The Jewish leaders would no doubt have been willing to spend far more to remove Jesus from the picture. So Judas began watching and waiting. He needed an opportunity to betray Jesus when He was separated from the crowd, and thus vulnerable. Judas held his secret close in his heart. None of the other disciples had a clue. He went on acting the part of a friend-and none were the wiser. But Jesus knew. He'd known it from the day He first chose... (more)

smk wangsa maju
SMK WANGSA MAJU SEKSYEN 5 PROGRAM MOTIVASI January 2016 Semangat para pelajar form 4! Terbaik SMK Wangsa Maju!!

Business Advice
Making A Visible Business Cards
Business cards are very important part of a first impression when you are in business. These business cards can be able to help to promote your business some says that it is a valuable promotion tool. However, in reality, most business cards only do half the marketing job. It is true that no business person could live without of having a business card to hand to prospective clients or customers. Because for them, handing out a business card is so much easier than writing out all your contact information for a person you've just met. Making a good and well designed business card I think is one of the important things to consider. There are many innovative ways in order to make your business card to be attractive and worth to keep for. By making your business card a marketing vehicle is one way of making it visible. Instead of the traditional business card, why not try get your contact information printed on something that people might leave in plain sight; something that will remind... (more)

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